Starving Canvas: Allison Elowitz


Here is the requested information:

Name: Allison Elowitz

Name of Artwork: Family

Experience: My experience with The Starving Canvas was undoubtably positive. As a hobbyist, most people even in my close circles are not aware that I enjoy creating artwork. By participating in The Starving Canvas, I was able to open up a different part of myself to friends, family, and even people I had not yet met. It was encouraging to see how much support I had garnered from all of these individuals.

Working with The Starving Canvas team was great. As the business is new and small, it sometimes took awhile to receive responses, but everyone I dealt with was friendly and helpful at all times. The product was of high quality and every person I know of that ordered liked it. I would definitely work with The Starving Canvas again in the future.

Recommendations for Other Artists: I would recommend that artists check in with The Starving Canvas team throughout the sale to see how many items have sold and to check in with buyers to be sure items have been received. A few buyers mentioned it took quite some time to get their order. Once we got the issue resolved, everyone was happy with the items.

Please let me know if you need any other information. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!