Testimonial (so sorry for the delay!!)

Name: Jessie R. LeJeune

Name of work you submitted: Jessie R. LeJeune - Rose Lines (18x18 inches) — The Starving Canvas http://www.thestarvingcanvas.com/shop/jessie-r-lejeune-and-rose-lines
Jessie R. LeJeune - Puzzle Lines — The Starving Canvas http://www.thestarvingcanvas.com/shop/jessie-r-lejeune-puzzle-lines

Website (optional): www.lifethroughlensesandlines.com

Social Media Links (optional):

Experience: My experience with TSC has been great! They are quick to respond, very helpful and are doing a great thing to help artists get their work out to the world. The process is quick and easy to submit work as well. I’ve had lots of friends and family purchase my designs on their bags and everyone has loved them! Great quality and my work translated perfectly.

Recommendation for other artists: I would highly recommend jumping on board with TSC! They are fantastic to work with, have great ideas, and are amazing advocates of artists and doing good for the earth!

Jessie R. LeJeune 303-349-2168 jrlcreativelight@gmail.com bandphotog22@me.com www.lifethroughlensesandlines.com