Neha Sharma Testimonial

"This is an enriching experience as an artist to have your work out there. It's also great to work with the team of TSC. I picked up a tote of my design and the quality of print and tote is unbelievable, I proudly carry it around with me. I was featured as the artist of the month during April, my products are still available on the website: "

Marie McCloskey - Shards

Marie McCloskey




Experience: Marie was the featured artist for The Starving Canvas in March of 2017 and her picture “Enter” is to be featured in Scifaikuest’s 2018 Feb issue.

Recommendation: Submissions and approval with The Starving Canvas is simple and rewarding. It is a great opportunity for artists to start getting their work out there.

Peggy Acomba Testimonial

Name Peggy Acomba

Name of work you submitted (link from website if available: http://www. Website


Here I am this morning with my Starving Canvas bag with the image of my pointy ear pig. This is my last week as one of the featured artists on the Starving Canvas site and if you want to buy one of the bags from http://www. It has been a great, fun experience and I encourage my artist friends to do it too by going to

Artist Review

Angela Tannehill She Was Everything

I am very picky when it comes to quality, so in truth I expected to be critical when I received my bag. But I have to say, I love it! The image came out really great — the colors are clean and open and the registration of the printing is perfect! I am also impressed with the quality of the materials TSC uses. The canvas is heavy duty but still supple and the stitching is sturdy. I finding myself grabbing this tote more often than my purse. Overall, my experience with TSC has been wonderful. I highly recommend them, for both contributing artists and customers.

Whitney T. Shutz Mark Fox Rebecca Caldwell (coming soon. She does pet portraits and is hoping to do bags to support the medical bills for the foster dogs she works with.)


JEFF KAGURI Jeff Kaguri - Lion Head

|   | |   | |   |   |   |   |   | | Jeff Kaguri - Lion HeadJeff Kaguri is a trained landscape architect with a passion for art and design. He loves viewing and making images. His artwork is characterized by intricate detail... | | | | View on www.thestarvingcanv... | Preview by Yahoo | | | |   |

Website www. Social Media Links Facebook: JF (@jeffkaguri) • Instagram photos and videos

|   | |   | |   |   |   |   |   | | JF (@jeffkaguri) • Instagram photos and videos¯_(ツ)_/¯ Art Account. | | | | View on | Preview by Yahoo | | | |   |

ExperienceAm very excited for being featured at TSC because I made the most sales in one month from a single artwork. This artwork  has never before sold on any other platform. When I submitted my works I asked TSC to select the work they liked most and I was surprised they chose this one. And it has become my best seller of all my artworks!!

Recommendation for other artists The Starving Canvas does exactly what it says it does. They will market your artwork and pay you the commission. All for free!

Email all of this  | | Jeff Kaguri   Owner/Designer/Curator, JF Studiop: Whatsapp +254713032016 a: 12011 Westbrae Parkway #B Unit 73800 Houston,TX, 77031 s: e:   |

Matthew Lee

Name: Matthew Lee

Title: The Stag (

Personal Website:

Social Media: - -

Experience: After finding out about The Starving Canvas through twitter I started following them and they contacted me about my work and how they'd like to use it on a tote bag. I was more than happy to partner up with them and soon I was selling tote bags across the pond in America!

Recommendation for other artists: I'd certainly advise other artists to work with The Starving Canvas, they're friendly and welcoming making the process very straight forward and easy. ᐧ

Iris Fletcher Testimonial

Iris Fletcher

my social media @sweepy1919 instagram

My experience with The Starving Canvas has been wonderful, a great opportunity for not only exposure but for sales. I have made sales as well. A great way to have artists and emerging artist be known to the public. Thank you Starving Canvas.

Artist for TSC

Karen Cattell

Title: “ Who’s There?”

Face book page:

Twitter: @KarenCattell

I started following The Starving Canvas on Twitter because I saw and admired one of their featured

artists and I thought it was such a great idea to have their artwork showcased on a canvas bag. I was

thrilled when TSC invited me to submit my artwork and soon after I was also featured.

This organization has been professional and efficient in the way that they’ve made it so easy and quick

to participate. This is a tremendous way for artists to get exposure for their talent and I can’t think of a

better way for the consumer to be able to enjoy artwork that is inexpensive, incorporated in such a

useful daily item.

Alternative Artist Promotions

TSC testimonial from Andy Steele

Titles: “ Leader of the Pack” “Jackpipper”






I was originally approached by and old art school friend who was telling me about her positive experiences with the staving canvas. After I few emails, I was amazed with the professional nature of the TSC staff and their dynamic vision. When I received my bags, I was really blown away by the sharpness of the image, and the overall quality of the handbag. Every friend and family member that I have spoken with that has purchased one to the bags has also told me how much the love the design and the hardy integrity of the totes. TSC has really bridged the gap between art and fashion, and I highly recommend the experience to anyone thinking about showcasing their artwork with the starving canvas. Great job guys! ᐧ

Andrew Ham Testimonial

Andrew Ham

Echo Dreamin'

Instagram: Hamstagram22


Recommendation: (Instagram: yldtiger)

The Starving Canvas is a great opportunity for independent artists to connect with one another and create unique pieces for anyone to enjoy. Not only was it an honor to be chosen by The Starving Canvas as one of their featured artists, I loved their ability to professionally transfer my work onto something as awesome and useful as a tote bag.

Alternative Artist Promotions

Testimonial (so sorry for the delay!!)

Name: Jessie R. LeJeune

Name of work you submitted: Jessie R. LeJeune - Rose Lines (18x18 inches) — The Starving Canvas
Jessie R. LeJeune - Puzzle Lines — The Starving Canvas

Website (optional):

Social Media Links (optional):

Experience: My experience with TSC has been great! They are quick to respond, very helpful and are doing a great thing to help artists get their work out to the world. The process is quick and easy to submit work as well. I’ve had lots of friends and family purchase my designs on their bags and everyone has loved them! Great quality and my work translated perfectly.

Recommendation for other artists: I would highly recommend jumping on board with TSC! They are fantastic to work with, have great ideas, and are amazing advocates of artists and doing good for the earth!

Jessie R. LeJeune 303-349-2168

Marissa Katarina Bergmann Review of TSC

instagram @myheartsiiings

twitter @aimarissa

Working with The Starving Canvas (TSC) was a wonderful and warm experience. I first got word of them from acclaimed Bay Area playwright/performer/storyteller Brenda Wong Aoki, who recommended I apply. From the very beginning, all TSC communications were positive and encouraging. The idea of elevating emerging and established Bay Area artists on this platform is fantastic, and it has been such a joy to see my friends repping my artwork loud and proud! I hope to watch TSC grow over the years to come. Alternative Artist Promotions

Re: You sold bags for DEC! TSC

Name: Erin Leong

Name of work you submitted: The Musical Ladies


Social Media Links:

Experience: "Wonderful experience working with TSC! Great communication and team was active in advertising your work on social media. Canvas bags are high quality and impressive."

Recommendation for other artists: "Be sure to take a pass at the special size/layout requirements for your work, especially since there's a banner at the bottom with your name that will overlay the art." Linked-In: Etsy Shop: *Behance: *

Starving Canvas: Allison Elowitz


Here is the requested information:

Name: Allison Elowitz

Name of Artwork: Family

Experience: My experience with The Starving Canvas was undoubtably positive. As a hobbyist, most people even in my close circles are not aware that I enjoy creating artwork. By participating in The Starving Canvas, I was able to open up a different part of myself to friends, family, and even people I had not yet met. It was encouraging to see how much support I had garnered from all of these individuals.

Working with The Starving Canvas team was great. As the business is new and small, it sometimes took awhile to receive responses, but everyone I dealt with was friendly and helpful at all times. The product was of high quality and every person I know of that ordered liked it. I would definitely work with The Starving Canvas again in the future.

Recommendations for Other Artists: I would recommend that artists check in with The Starving Canvas team throughout the sale to see how many items have sold and to check in with buyers to be sure items have been received. A few buyers mentioned it took quite some time to get their order. Once we got the issue resolved, everyone was happy with the items.

Please let me know if you need any other information. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!



TSC Artist Review

Kelsey Leib Flutter -

I found The Starving Canvas to be a positive experience in expanding the audience of my work. Success with TSC definitely requires publishing on social media, I primarily used Facebook and Instagram. Great quick communication!